On Lang2The appointment of a cookbook author and former newspaper columnist to a position at a meal-kit delivery service company rarely turns heads. But when Mark Bittman, an American food journalist, was introduced as a new member of Purple Carrot, it certainly generated welcoming smiles from editors and writers:

“We’ll be presenting a new website, incorporating Mark and a new image
and language he’s helped develop,” said Andrew Levitt,
founder and chief executive of the Purple Carrot
(as reported on northerncalifornian.com, 3 November 2015).

Admittedly, “language” used here can mean several things, and it may actually only refer to Purple Carrot’s marketing direction or how the company communicates with consumers. Even stripping away the underlying metaphors and interpretations, we’re left feeling good that words are still revered and powerful in a very audiovisual-driven world, and that Mr Bittman will help make an impact with what is said and written about the company and its products.

Those who hold writing and editing close at heart can take motivation from this example. And marketing folks: tell future employers that they’ll need to keep concentrating on and creating the right “language”.



Source: Eggplant illustration from sweetclipart.com

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