Physically ripping a page to eliminate needless words is admittedly a drastic measure. Instead, we propose sharing another set of superfluous terms to keep in mind as you write. Brushing aside these words as you compose your next blog, letter, email or report can make your meaning clearer and the message more vibrant. Watch out for overuse of the verb to “be”, a common verb yet weak at conveying action. So, get writing and cutting (if not ripping).



 by and large

 I might add that


Reduce to one word

plain and simple

more preferable

key milestone

bare minimum

completely filled

all-time record

over and done with


Replace with one word

is distrustful of    distrusts

is in opposition to    opposes

is symbolic of    symbolizes

is appreciative of    appreciates

(the) current state of affairs    (the) situation

to the fullest extent possible    fully