There’s nothing virtual about superfluous words, even if they do seem to creep into our writing unnoticed. Eliminating needless terms will tighten your message, making it more readable for your audience. So, start moving from the virtual to the real by eliminating, reducing or replacing all these words.



 it seems that

 in a very real sense

 needless to say

 more often than not

 it is evident that



than ever before

utmost perfection

 lasting legacy

compete with each other

 by means of

is determined to be

extradite back to

while at the same time


Replace with one word

 somewhere in the neighborhood of     about

 possible courses of action    choices

 (which) have been found to be    (which) are

 (we) are of the opinion that     (we) believe

in view of the fact that     because

 at such time as    when

 in a cautious manner   cautiously