Our wonderful words series uncovers words that may not be very familiar but that are worth knowing more about and using.


This wonderful word sounds like a devil or evil spirit. Right?

In fact, it has nothing to do with demons! Instead, if you can solve this riddle, then you’ve found what “demonym” means:

What do Liverpudlians, Scousers, Frankfurters, Nampans, Hoosiers and Hamburgers all have in common?

But what in the world, you might be thinking, are Liverpudlians, Scousers, Nampans and Hoosiers? And what do they have to do with seasoned sausages or minced beef patties?

In fact, a demonym is the noun used to name the natives or residents of a particular country, state or city.

So for instance:

Liverpudlians are natives of Liverpool, as are Scousers (go figure!).

Nampans are from Nampa, Idaho.

Hoosiers are inhabitants of the state of Indiana in the USA (where on earth did that word come from?).

Frankfurters are residents of Frankfurt.

Hamburgers are from Hamburg.

Gibraltarians are people from Gibraltar (no, they’re not Gibraltans!).

Genevese live in Geneva (as opposed to Genoese, who live in Genoa).

Mancunians, also called Mancs, are from Manchester.

Cairenes reside in Cairo.

Parmesans are from… yes, Parma!


So are Bathers people from Bath? No, they’re Bathonians.


What’s the demonym for the people where you live?

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